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Key Features
Live Conversations
Your community chats in real time on your website or application.
Millions of pages or thousands of comments per page? It won't slow us down.
SSO, Webhooks, Oh My
Easy to use and well documented integrations with direct developer support.
Efficient Moderation
Moderate Quickly with Bulk Actions and Moderation Groups. Invite your moderators and get them to work.
Migrate in minutes
Automated Migration from WordPress, Disqus, Commento, Muut Comments, IntenseDebate, JustComments
Fight Spam
Get protected by a classifier that is continuously trained. Automatically remove unverified comments.
Get fine grained, high level, scheduled, or immediate notifications.
Code & Markdown Support
Automatically detect, color, and format pasted code snippets.
Adapts to your site - whether it has a light or a dark theme.
The client-side widgets and emails are fully localized in 14+ languages using browser locale detection.
Custom Email Templates
Emails sent to users can be customized and styled.
Go Incognito
Allow anonymous commenting, where an email is not required to comment.
Increase Engagement
FastComments decreases the time to comment, either with an SSO integration that uses the user's existing account, or by providing a very low-friction way for them to sign up.
Tag users with our easy to use @mentions and they'll get notified right away.
Autocompleted hashtags, with the ability to pre-seed hashtags that point to external content.
GIF picker with anonymized integrations with major providers.
We help your community keep in touch with each other via reply, thread, and reaction notifications.
Your users stay up to date about new activity via subscriptions.
JavaScript Not Required
Fully server-rendered solutions available.
Awards and Badges
Craft custom badges and reward your community.
User Profiles
User Profiles complete with activity feeds and guestbook.
Direct Messaging
Realtime messaging between users of your community.
Ratings, Reactions, Surveys
Collect and report on reviews, reacts, and surveys.
Access Control
Group users and limit access to comments.
Ready for Scale
Detailed Auditing
Fine-grained filterable audit log with API access.
User Management
Manage users with fine-grained control over permissions.
GDPR Compliance
FastComments is GDPR compliant. See our Privacy Policy for how we manage user data.
Development Support
You won't be left in the dark with direct development, integration, and setup support.
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