Success Stories
USCCA needed a platform to seamlessly integrate with their custom CMS to provide live commenting and moderation capabilities. They offer VIP memberships and private discussion features for their members, for which they use FastComments SSO. USCCA was able to get up and running within a month of starting the integration.
Logica offers a visual, collaborative, financial modeling platform. Their platform provides the ability for users to collaborate on financial models, and as such needed a live commenting solution so users could discuss and tag each other as they work. Additionally, they were able to integrate FastComments Custom HashTags so their users could tag and reference user created content.
Seeconds LLC
Seeconds LLC wanted to add live commenting to their native application. We provided them a custom layout and styling to match their dark-themed native app. They had a working prototype in their native application, with SSO, within a month of signup.
Comikey Media
Comikey Media hosts a community of user-created content. They use FastComments as an integration to provide users the ability to discuss comics and moderate those discussions live.
Codingal provides online coding classes for children. They integrate FastComments as a way to students to collaborate and ask questions on competitions. They utilize FastComments Automatic Code Formatting so their students can easily share and ask for help with programming problems.
SCL Health
SCL Health provides a members-only LAN portal to their internal users, for which they turned to FastComments as an integration partner. They were able to get setup quickly with our Secure SSO integration.
AmazingFacts consists of around a dozen separate sites and communities, for which they use FastComments. Using a custom integration with WordPress, they collect a high volume of anonymous comments which are moderated daily with a group of moderators.
I tested out several other systems and they just weren't cutting it. They were either missing functionality that we needed or were too expensive or just not intuitive enough. Honestly what sold it for me was the support. You guys are very responsive to our needs. That's awesome :)
Groupe Papillon Inc
Groupe Papillon Inc runs periodic live webinars where users may leave hundreds of comments at a time. They were up and running quickly with our WordPress plugin. is an example of many blogs that use FastComments to successfully interact with their communities.
It took all of 10 minutes to sign up and integrate FastComments and after hitting the front page of Hacker News multiple times, it held up without a single hitch. Also: support is excellent. The only time I emailed was for a feature request which was fulfilled within a couple weeks!
Various TV Networks
TV Networks use FastComments to provide live discussion capabilities to stories as they develop.
Various Gaming Sites
Gaming Sites use FastComments to provide a platform where they can award user engagement with tools such as FastComments Badges. Some of these sites have millions of users, with and without SSO.
Can I migrate my data from my existing solution?
All plans support automated self-service migration from a selection of major providers. We perform custom migrations.
Can we customize the UI of the comment widget?
Yes, the comment widget is designed to be customized.
What if my users already have accounts? They have to have an account to comment now too?
FastComments supports SSO, which means that your users can have one login for your site/application, and commenting.
Does FastComments require anything special on my site to run?
No, our commenting widget has no dependencies.
What are your customer service SLAs?
We generally respond within an hour during business hours, and 24 hours at most. There is a ticketing system within the admin area.
Can I cancel myself?
You can cancel without any intervention from customer support, although we'll reach out to hear what we could have done better!
What happens when the trial ends?
The comment widget will still function for a short time, and then hide itself. You and your users will still have full access to the admin area. You will receive reminders, which you can easily opt out of, when the trial ends.
What if I exceed the limits of my account?
All package details, except for number of comments per month, are hard limits. If you exceed the number of comments per month, we'll reach out to you to negotiate your package.
I run an open source project with low traffic, is there a free tier?
There is currently no official free tier, however for example adding comments to OSS documentation pages we make exceptions. Simply create a support ticket after signing up.
Can I add my developers, moderators, and other admins?
Yes, FastComments supports adding other users to your account and controlling their permissions.